Enchant Him Online

All socket enchant to play (also known as complement of slots), have the necessary elements and to the appropriate NPC Zeny that will work for you. Not all items are only mentioned by Jack entrancing Seiyablem, or Leablem are possible. Lists of weapons and armor under requirements and this NPC is going to find. : Success rate:. There are four types of armor and weapons, incorporating entrancing. Each set is categorized as a letter-classes C, B, A and S. Different types of elements of the letter have different success rates in ongoing process fascinating. The% of total success areas for each list a C, B and S classes of weapons/armor. The elements in the same class may have different success rates. You should check the success rate for each item individually. According to eAthena (14262 review): class c class b 25%: 20-25% r: 10-25% s enchant him online class: 5-10% special service: 90% chance (offered by Leablem, if you ask the disappeared). Discover) scroll down to the bottom of this page!) As mentioned earlier, as the value of the element which increases grip enchant probability lessens. The need to complement the Kenzia slots also increases the difficulty increases. The occasion is from what city we were the same, regardless of the NPC. : Warning:. In case you read this notice and AFN dive have. Here are some important notes, when this is possible: it is possible that the operation will fail. If the attempt fails, the weapon and a longer paper destroyed. Equipment and necessary Zeny will not be reimbursed if the attempt fails. Make sure that you have accepted several steps, the enchanted point in your inventory. For example, if you have a coat + 7 and a normal coat in your inventory, NPC select this option randomly adding attempting to break. So, forget not, that teams wear that you want to add a slot. If so far everything looks great good luck ^ ^ ,,